Hopeline Lets Treasure Valley Locals Combat Domestic Violence by Contributing Their Old Phones

BOISE, Idaho – Inside local Verizon shops beside some modern devices you’ll find a contribution box for the HopeLine. Inside, you’ll find mobile phone and devices from all providers, makes, and designs. These old phones aren’t going to the dumpster, but rather into the hands of victims of domestic violence.

” Knowing that they are doing something with this old thing you find in your drawer, you can bring them in and contribute them and know it’s going to a great cause,” stated Ryan Ross a local Verizon store supervisor.

The disposed of phones and devices are reconditioned or recycled. The ones that get a 2nd life is offered to victims of domestic violence through companies like the Boise’s Women and Children Alliance. Where so frequently, an abuser takes control of their victim’s capability to connect for help. For the phones that are recycled, all the cash goes to efforts to end the cycle of abuse. An overall of $10,000 in money grants has been contributed to the Women’s and Children’s Alliance.

The non-profit states they are using the cash to broaden their monetary education classes, so victims can extricate the shadow of their abusers. If you think these contribution boxes at Verizon shops go undetected, you’d be incorrect. A supervisor at one store states he gets filled about as soon as a week.

” A couple of times I see visitors strolling over here and put some gadgets and device here a couple times a day,” stated Ross.

Verizon states since 2001, the HopeLine task has gathered more than 12 million phones and contributed 29 million dollars to non-profits so victims can get the help they need.